Arboriculture/Site Clearance

We specialise in all types of site clearance; utilising a wide range of plant and specialist machinery we are able to address the presence of trees, hedgelines and areas of scrub requiring removal and management. 

Ongoing services include:

  • A wide range of ground maintenance roles;
  • Tree work, including soft felling (when possible bat activity has been recorded);
  • Sensitive removal of hedgelines, working alongside ecologists to ensure no species are affected (nesting birds and dormice primarily);
  • The use of mechanised clearance machines; excavators, forestry mulchers, robot flails;
  • Destructive searches: waterbodies, and the mechanised stripping of land ahead of groundworks;
  • All types of mowing: specialising in cutting back in preparation for archaeology digs and ground works;
  • Large spraying projects to suppress vegetation growth.
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