Badger Mitigation

ES Mitigation & Management have proven experience in the design and construction of artificial setts, as well as in the implementation of sett closure exercises with regard to relevant legislation and best practice. 

Sett Construction:

• We will advise on the location and design of artificial setts, taking into consideration the size and needs of the sett being relocated. Artificial setts can be situated on a natural Badger foraging path to assist with the integration process, and can be constructed above or below ground. 

• Experienced in working effectively with specialist ecological input, we are also able to provide practical in-house advice where ecological consultants have not been appointed.

• We can advise on the best materials and construction methods, or work closely with an ecologist following their recommendations.

Sett Closure:

• We are highly experienced in implementing all aspects of Badger sett closures, from gating and exclusion to the completion of destructive search exercises.  ES Mitigation & Management prides itself on undertaking sett closures efficiently, safely, whilst always adhering to licensing conditions, and often working in highly constrained environments including railway embankments and in close proximity to third party land.

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