Habitat Creation

Wildlife Pond Creation & Management

We are able to provide:

  • Experience in creating biodiversity ponds for a wide range of mitigation projects; 
  • A thorough understanding of ecological sensitivities and seasonal constraints 
  • An understanding and extensive experience of the Great Crested Newt licensing process ;
  • Practical solutions for cost-effective habitat creation in a range of conditions, including the use of synthetic liners and/or existing soils; 
  • Expertise in pond restoration and management, including the use of specialist machinery. 

Planting, Turfing & Seeding

Our services include:

  • Creation of a wide range of terrestrial habitats including woodland, shrub, hedge, meadow grassland and amenity landscaping;
  • Provision of wildflower and amenity turf, seed mixes and plug plants;
  • Bespoke aftercare packages to ensure successful habitat establishment.

Plant/Tree translocation

  • Our experience includes the translocation of existing and mature stock, including hedgerows and specimen trees;
  • Where areas of ecological importance require moving, we can facilitate the moving and replanting of wildflower turf and plant species using specialist machinery and attachments to ensure translocation is carried out correctly and with care.


  • We have extensive experience in the creation of hibernacula and refugia in accordance with Natural England specifications and can utilise existing stockpiles of suitable construction materials where resource is not otherwise available on site.
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